Retreat Testimonials

“I’ve realized again (my second time here) that when I seek something intentionally, I’m shifted towards the right path.”
– Tanushree

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
Online, 2020

“A Good feeling.”
– Asha

“Learned new things about meditation.”
– Krishna

“It was great to attend this retreat and now I feel more relaxed than I started the first meditation session. I am learning the truth about reality and to focus on the present moment. Thank you very much.”
– Bhuvana

“Pleasant, calmness.”
– Harini

“Calmness, with new understanding of life.”
– Swathi

“Good experience and motivates me to meditate.”
– Participant

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
USA, 2019

“I have realized it again (my second time here) that when I seek something intentionally, I am shifted towards the right path. I am grateful for getting this opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation with Guruji.”
– Tanushree

“It was wonderful experience. I liked that Mindfulness every moment which is for me is new way of thinking. Hoping this would take new way in the life. Thank you very much.”
– Participant

“Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience. Where I felt calmness and the thoughts came down.”
– Ramakrishnan

“Very good. First time ever I took sometime off from family chores and spending in a quality way. Being peaceful and not talking for few hours itself, felt more energetic and something different and interesting. Felt like, should be doing this more often to keep myself at peace and calm.”
– Participant

“Was very happy. I would love to attend this more regularly.”
– Participant

“Fantastic experience! Thanks a lot. I would like to learn advanced level.”
– Deepa

“Very pleasant, good concentration. Liked the flow of the course.”
– Priti

“It was an excellent introduction to meditation, explained in a very simple terms for a beginner”
– Shuba

“It was very helpful to find out about ways and benefits of mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress in our daily lives.”
– Participant

“Excellent , exceeding my expectations. Thank you!”
– Nam

“Excellent , being mindful of everything that you do is a great take away from this course.”
– Tarun

“Was very different, but super calming. Very good way to live in the present.”
– Poonam

“Excellent , exceeding my expectations. Thank you!”
– Nam

“It was wonderful. Really enjoyed the time being here. I really wished to have more time and want to do and meet on regular basis as a group. Very blessed to be here.”
– Participant

“My overall experience was great – after a very busy week, I was able to find the time to connect with both my mind and body to find peace and self-fulfillment”
– Jeanette

“It is a wonderful experience to start the Meditation with Yoga. I am happy about scanning my parts of the body”
– Deepa

“Excellent. This is my first time in life but within hours, I could feel going in deep state by the third session.”
– Raj

“Excellent. This was my first retreat and I throughly enjoyed it.”
– Naveen

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat 
USA, 2018

“Great retreat. I attended a few other retreats in the past, but the Teacher’s techniques in this retreat are simple and powerful”.
– M.V. 

“My overall experience has been very refreshing and rewarding. I am leaving with a deeper understanding of being mindful and practicing Mindfulness”.
– Tanu 

“It was a wonderful experience. It was helpful to relieve our stress and get ready for the week ahead. Helped me to be more mindful of others”.
– Vijaya 

“Felt calm during the meditation sessions. The retreat gave a good understanding of watching the breath and to be in the moment”.
– Neel 

“Very Immersive”.
– Sankar 

“Completely Satisfied”.
– Harsha 

“I have made some personal growth, I believe, in my pursuit of meditative practice  and overall as a person through this retreat. Thank you”.
– Swathi

“I learnt that getting focus is very important before going deeper into meditation. And the clear explanation of different stages in meditation”.
– Kalpith 

“Very useful and effective. Timing and phasing is perfect”.
– Sunil